Build your ideal life, one day at a time.

WeEvolve is the brainchild of Pedro Chiericatti, Habit and Behavior Coach who helps individuals engineer their ideal lives.

Want to live to your fullest potential?

...without worrying about where to find the extra time to read more, sweat more or eat better? It starts with transforming the habits that make up the majority of your day.

It's time to stop living your life on autopilot.

You want to live a fuller life where you have more control over your mind, emotions, and behaviours. It’s not exactly something you can fix with meditation or therapy...   

By designing your daily habits, you design your whole life.

Science shows that 95% of brain activity is unconscious....and 40% of that behavior is driven by habits. By changing the habits that drive your unconscious daily actions, you have the ability to transform your entire life.

Sure, there’s no shortage of books and articles on how to build better habits...

But for most people, picking which one to read -- and actually following through with reading it -- is just one more chore on an endless to-do list.

But why not get a bit of extra support?

Most of us could use a bit of extra help when it comes to kicking bad habits or forming new ones. That's why we set resolutions every year and why we coax our friends into signing up for a new gym with us. That’s also why we use apps to track our habit streaks… we can use paper, but apps gives us that extra bit of accountability.

Meet Pedro Chiericatti, Habit Coach

I help you design a more fulfilling life by tapping into the psychology and neuroscience of habits.

How does it work?


This is the why behind everything you do. No habit is born out of thin air. In this stage, we work together to discover what drives your current conscious and unconscious behaviors.



We are what we do everyday. As we understand how human behavior works, and expand our awareness around daily habitual patterns, we can then start to consciously shift our behaviour. In this stage, you start to gain more awareness around your patterns, triggers, and associated habits.



It takes patience to create and design new habits that lead to a better you. While most people know this, they still struggle to make consistent efforts towards new habits. In this stage, we work together to set and enforce healthy expectations for you. I will be there to provide accountability and support as you take small, steady steps towards your goals.

Kind Words

My work with Pedro helped me openly dialogue with myself, and I understood that there is simplicity in the complexity of life.


While working with Pedro I was able to comprehend things better. He especially helped me to focus more on my goals and not lose sight of it anymore.


I am very satisfied with my personal evolution so far, and the feeling that remains is that of "I want more", if it's good, why stop?! I haven't arrived at the top yet, but with Pedro's work being part of my trajectory, I am certain that I will.


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