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In order to create in our lives positive and long lasting change, there are only three things we can do:

1) Have an epiphany, an experience of a sudden and striking realization;

2) Change our environment, the surroundings and conditions in which we live;

3) Change our daily habits, the behaviors we do every single day.

The first one is a little unpredictable, we do not have much control over it, variables must come together in the "right" moment so that an epiphany can be born. With the other two the story is different, we definitely have more control over it, and all we need is the right systems and to consciously take action. 

What is a habit? 

A habit is a behavior that we repeatedly perform on a daily basis and that tends to occur subconsciously. This behavior is not always a physical action, it can also be a thought and/or an emotion that we feel.

According to researchers at Duke University, 40 percent of our day to day behaviors are habits. Your life today is literally the result of the sum of the habits you have. Impressive right?

How healthy or unhealthy are you? How rested or tired are you? How productive or unproductive are you? How many of your goals are you achieving every year?
The answer lies in your habits.

Great habits will put you on the path to success (no matter what success means to you), but the same way, if you cultivate bad habits you will continue to create a life that you are not a fan of. 

If habits are so important why are they so hard to create?
That is what we can do 

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