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The ONLY Three Things That Create Lasting Change (According to Science...)

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

There are only 3 things that create lasting change in our lives.

Living on a fast and busy world like ours, it seems like many things could potentially be responsible for our life changes and that to change we need to spend a lot of time and energy. But according to behavior researchers there are only 3 things that can truly create lasting changes for us:

1) Have an epiphany, an experience of a sudden and striking realization;

2) Change our environment, the surroundings and conditions in which we live;

3) Change our daily habits, the behaviors we do every single day. The first one is a little unpredictable, we do not have much control over it, many variables must come together in the "right" moment so that an epiphany can be born. With the other two the story is different, we definitely have more control over it, and to make them work in our favor all we need is the right system and to consciously take consistent action.

“Start with changing behaviors, not mindsets. It is much easier to 'act your way into new thinking' than to 'think your way into new actions.' Recurring and consistent performance results from behavior change will lead to lasting changes in the way people feel, think, and believe in the long run." Jon Katzenbach

If you are serious about making lasting changes in your life, creating positive habits is the place to start, and creating tiny positive habits is the path to developing much bigger ones. Tiny is safe: it can feel hard to start something new if it is too big, but with tiny there are no risks. Tiny can grow big: incremental progress is exactly what you need to cultivate meaningful long-term change.

Tiny doesn't rely on motivation or willpower: when something is tiny, it's easy to do. No complications. Tiny is transformative: by celebrating the milestones you can generate in yourself the feeling of success, that will with time motivate you and start to impact many other areas of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop for a minute right now and ask yourself this question: what is a tiny behavior that I can start doing today that could put me on the path of changing my life and becoming the person I desire to be? Start practicing it right now! If it's too hard, make it even tinier, and if you feel like needing help I am here for you!. When you finish, don't forget to celebrate yourself for trying and taking action. Celebrate your milestones. Good feeling will motivate you to keep the momentum going and tackling greater challenges. Big and lasting changes will come... but only if you START NOW!

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