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Build your ideal life,
one day at a time.

Hi! My name is Pedro Chiericatti.

I'm a Habit and Life Coach who can teach you how to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful life by tapping into the psychology and neuroscience of habits.

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Want to live to your fullest potential?

...without worrying about where to find the extra time to read more, sweat more, or eat better?


It starts with transforming the habits that make up the majority of your day.


It's time to stop living your life on autopilot!

And to live a fuller life where you have more control over your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  

By designing your daily habits, you can engineer

your ideal life.

But building better habits takes more than just reading a book or an article. 

For most people, picking which one to read -- and actually following through with reading it and implementing it -- is just one more chore
on an endless to-do list.


Science shows that 95% of brain activity is unconscious... and 40% of that behavior is driven by habits. 


By changing the habits that drive your unconscious daily actions, you have the ability to transform your entire life.

If you're serious about implementing habits that stick, then you need support, structure and accountability.

That's where I come in...

Most of us could use a bit of extra help when it comes to kicking bad habits or forming new ones.


That's why we set resolutions every year...


Why we coax our friends into signing up for a workout with us...

Why we use apps to track our habits and streaks...

But those who are serious about building strong habits know there's nothing like working with a habit coach.

As a habit and Life coach, I will help you achieve your desired goals and design a more fulfilling and meaningful life by tapping into the psychology and neuroscience of habits. 

Meet Pedro
We can go farther together.
That's the philosophy behind WEEVOLVE's signature three-step method.
Habit Coaching
The Three-Step Method to Habits That Stick

STEP ONE: Unearthing Your Purpose

Your purpose is the why behind everything you do. And no habit is born out of thin air. Your Habits reflect who you believe you are.

In this stage, we work together to discover what drives your current conscious and unconscious behaviors. We'll also identify the goals and habits you want to achieve.

STEP TWO: Untangling Your Habits

We are what we do everyday. As we understand how human behavior works, and expand our awareness around daily habitual patterns, we can then start to consciously shift our behaviors.

In this stage, you start to gain more awareness around your patterns, triggers, and associated habits. We'll examine your current habits to identify which are preventing you from moving forward.

STEP THREE: Start Small to Achieve Big

It takes patience to create and design new habits that lead to a better you. While most people know this, they still struggle to make consistent efforts towards new habits.

In this stage, we work together to set and enforce healthy expectations for you. I will be there to provide accountability and support as you take small, steady steps towards your goals.

Success Stories

My life became boring and I didn't even want to wake up anymore, Pedro helped me understand what it was that I really wanted to build, and helped me to know myself and create a path to which I could go, be aware of my actions and create a plan to begin to create the person that I really want to be. I learned thanks to him that this process never ends, but we learn habits that help us continue in life fulfilling our goals and transforming our being to find our own evolution.


I started my mentoring process right in the middle of the pandemic. Since starting, I have noticed an absorption of the concepts and learning that Pedro brings me. I feel free to express my opinion and especially listen to the point of view he brings me as a reflection, with a single goal: my evolution. I'm very satisfied with my development so far and the feeling that remains is "I want more", if it's good so far, why stop?! I'm not there yet, but I'll get there and Pedro's work at WeEvolve is part of my trajectory. I highly recommend it but I suggest you be open-minded and prepared to do the work!

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Pedro taught me to analyze my habits from a new perspective, identifying patterns that interfered with my routine. With his guidance, I was able to get to know myself better and to identify the most appropriate strategy I should take in order to achieve my goals in a controlled and conscious manner. His methodology helped me break down complex problems into smaller ones that are easier to solve. Pedro is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, highly pragmatic, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, sincere, and deeply passionate coach. He has helped me make huge progress in my life and I wouldn't have the courage to push forward without his support.

- Andre de Souza

- Melissa Villota Castrillon

- Julia Furquim

Group Coaching and Public Speaking
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