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I help people make

positive life changes
 one habit at a time


Hello friend, how are you? 

Are you ready to create change?! 

My name is Pedro Chiericatti. I'm passionate about human behavior and human development. A Habit Designer and a Personal Life Coach, my mission is to help you make positive life changes, in small and easy incremental steps, focused on getting you long-term results. Wondering how? By tapping into the power of HABITS!

As we understand how human behavior works, and are able to identify our current behavior patterns, we can then consciously start changing our daily habits. We can begin to redesign our habits and to create and design new healthier ones, that, with time, will lead us to new, better and lasting life results. Sounds difficult? Don't worry!
We will do it step by step TOGETHER!

The values/actions that guide my life today are:


I believe that our purpose as humans is to evolve, and that there is no evolution by itself. To evolve we must CONNECT with ourselves, with others and or with nature. In order to truly connect we need to first practice RESPECT. We must seek to understand and only then be understood.

As we respect and connect, we GROW. When we learn different life perspectives, and face and overcome our challenges, we become better versions of ourselves. Growth makes us thirsty for more, it drives us to EXPLORE, to travel to unfamiliar areas, to do uncomfortable things, to expand our comfort zones. As we explore into the unknown we feel the need to belong and connect again, continuing the  "evolution cycle".
I am super excited that you are here, and grateful for the opportunity to connect, to join you on your journey, and to add value to your life by helping you create the habits and results that you desire, so that in the process, together...


2021 is here and I would love to offer you a free coaching call. On this call we will get to know each other, clarify where you are and where you want to go, talk about your goals, and I will introduce you to some of my tools. At the end you will leave with a few practical next steps that will allow you to start right away changing your life!

Click the button below to schedule it! And if you have any questions or concerns feel free to write me an email using the contact tab.

Talk to you soon!  


"By designing your daily habits you design

your whole life"



"While working with Pedro I was able to comprehend things better. He especially helped me to focus more on my goals and not lose site of it anymore"

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